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From Nita Edwards:

Dear Friends,

Our team has several projects and I ask you to prayerfully consider them.  You can pick the project and give as much or as little as you choose.  When we finish each project, we will be able to do more to share Jesus with the world.  These projects are over and above your regular giving.  We know some people love to give to projects, so here is the opportunity.  Please call if you have questions (703-642-0124).

In The Master’s Service,

Nita Edwards


Purchase Electronic Equipment

To Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness & Update Technology

How you can help: Pay for one or more pounds.  Each pound is $43.13

Our goal: 400 pounds @ $43.13 per pound

Mobile devices

55.6% Pounds Paid For




Renovation Mortgage

Mortgage Used To Renovate The Prayer Center After Purchase.

How you can help: Pay for one or more square feet at $35.56 per square feet.

Our goal:  Payoff loan for 1406 Square Feet @ $35.56/per sq feet

Mobile devices

22.5% Square Feet Paid For






Matching Grant To Hire Staff

More People Help Us To Do More

A partner will give ALIVE GLOBAL $72,000 if the ministry raises $36,000.  For every $1 you give we will receive $2.

How you can help: Pay for one or more hours.

Our Goal: 2700 Hours at $46 Per Hour

Mobile devices

7.74% Of Hours Paid For



Employee Benefits

Pay back salary to staff and housing allowance.

The total owed = 314 days @ $178.24/per day.

How you can help: Pay part of a day or several days. Your gift will directly bless our two paid staff.

Our Goal: 314 Days at $178.24/Per Day

Mobile devices

50.6 Days Paid For




Consistent Funding For Internet Radio Production

How you can help: Give $1 a day ($31 a month) to Hope64.  This will fund the voice, translator, radio engineer, website & streaming host plus our programmer.

Our Goal: 100 Monthly Hope Senders in 2017

Mobile devices

31 Pledged Monthly Hope Senders



 Purchase Prayer Center

Mobile devices


Build Recording Studio

Mobile devices


Deliver Bibles in Mongolia

Mobile devices


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