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About Us

Hope64.com internet radio is brought to you by people from around the world who believe in God’s word and want to share it with you. Hope64.com is brought to you by ALIVE GLOBAL a non-profit religious organization.


The people whose voices you will hear personally know the mercy, grace and love of God, and want you to know Him also. These people are our partners living in different nations around the globe.


We all believe that God’s word will give you hope and show you how to live a godly life. God’s word is as important today as when it was first written so many years ago, and passed down to us through the Bible. Hope64.com will help you Discover the Difference that it can make in your life, as God’s word is everlasting.


If you share the goal of Radio hope64.com, and want to send hope to others around the world, Click Here. This is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others around the globe.

Discover the Difference